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High School Foundations of Programming

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Foundations of Programming will teach students the fundamentals of programming using the computer language Python. The course provides students with the concepts, techniques, and processes associated with computer programming and software development.  Students will also explore the many programming career opportunities available in this high-demand field.   

Segment One

Module 01 - Introduction to Programing

•Introduction to Python

•Printing Strings

•Processing Strings Values

•String Input

Module 02 - Computing Numerical Data

•Processing Numerical Information

•Getting Numeric Information

•The Math Module

•The Software Development Life Cycle

Module 03 - Loops and Functions

•Turtle Graphics

•for Loops

•while Loops

•Creating Functions

Segment 2

Module 04 - Logic in Programming


•More Decisions

•The Logic of AND, OR, and NOT


Module 05 - Codes and Objects

•Number Systems

•Decoding ASCII

•Object Oriented Programming

•Procedural Programming

Module 06 - Testing and Security

•Software Testing


•Planning for a Programming Career