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Privacy Policy

FlexPoint™ is a trademark of Florida Virtual School and will abide by the student privacy guidelines set forth by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Regardless of how customers work with us (i.e., through Global School where we provide direct instruction to students or through our hosted or client hosted licensing models), we treat your data with great care.

  • We do not sell your personal information.
  • We do not use or share your information for any advertising or marketing purposes that is not specifically related to your educational services or school purposes, such as school sponsored events, activities, communications and announcements.
  • We do not collect or process your data for any purposes that are not legally required or necessary for legitimate educational interest.
  • We do not retain personal data beyond what is necessary to provide FlexPoint educational services and support, to comply with federal, state, and local education records retention requirements; to comply with legal orders or retention requirements specified in a contract or similar agreement between your primary schools of record and FlexPoint.
    • Global School student data, which includes only the Personally Identifiable Information required for educational purposes, is managed using Florida records retention laws which may include deletion after a period of time. Schools using this service should investigate their local retention requirements and archive required documents according to your own requirements.
    • FlexPoint Hosted systems require minimal personal data, and student data is entered and controlled by the customer.
    • FlexPoint Client Hosted customers maintain their own learning management system contracts, granting FLVS staff minimal access to systems for the purposes of product delivery.
    • FlexPoint content delivery collects launch logs for users but does retain any elements that are considered PII.
    • Licensing customers should refer to the FlexPoint Terms and Conditions for additional details about data privacy.
  • In the rare event of a data breach, FlexPoint collaborates closely with impacted parties according to internal policies and procedures to ensure notification complies with local laws.

The policies stated below refer specifically to students of Global School where we provide direct instruction to students.

The following persons have access to Global School student records:

  • FLVS Board of Trustees members if they are required to review such records in order to perform their lawful duties
  • President and CEO, administrative team, and professional staff of the school (teachers, guidance counselor, General Counsel)
  • Appropriate administrative support staff members and other professionals who have a legitimate educational or legal interest in student records as designated by the President and CEO
  • FLVS may provide an academic transcript to the student’s primary school, district, or state department of education upon completion of the online course(s), or upon any request of such school, district or state department of education and/or student’s legal guardian

In accordance with state and federal privacy laws, students who attain the age of 18 may transfer certain rights related to their academic records. To learn more about this, please contact your local school or the FlexPoint enrollment team.

Some schools assign a lab facilitator to help students who use school labs to access FlexPoint courses. Facilitators will not have access to students’ online work or to students’ demographic data.

No member of the FlexPoint staff is authorized to release student information without the written permission of the student’s legal guardian or without approval of the FLVS President and CEO if such release is authorized under FERPA. Names, images, and/or coursework of FlexPoint students will not be published in print, video/film, or on our website without written consent from student and guardian.

All FlexPoint students are provided a unique password to access online courses. It is the student’s responsibility to keep his/her password in confidence.

Statistical Information: We use web statistic software to track visitors to our site, but this data does not include any personally identifying information such as name or email address. Individual identifying information is not provided to any other party without your consent, or as otherwise required by law. However, aggregated and anonymous data about groups of members may be collected and shared with participating agencies and/or companies. An example of such information might include, “X% of visitors come to our site between the hours of 7:00 and 9:00 p.m.”

Security Information: All the data you provide to us is protected to ensure both the privacy and security of your data. We use state-of-the art technology to keep your personal information as secure as possible to ensure that no one will be able to tamper with, intercept or access your data. Remember to keep your account information private and secure; do not share your password with anyone!

Cookies: We may, from time to time, use cookies when you log in to your account. These cookies allow us to remember you when you visit our site. Although one cookie would reside on your computer so that we can recognize you each time you visit our site, any session-specific cookies will expire once you shut down your browser.

Communication: When visitors and guests contact us by phone, email, or social media, we ask for your first and last name, your email address and/or phone number to respond and maintain contact with you until your question is answered or assistance is completed to your satisfaction. If you contact us to request information about our educational offerings, we also ask whether you are a parent, student, teacher, school administrator or other interested visitor, which educational offerings you would like to know more about, and what Country and State you are located in to determine what educational offerings are right for you.

Parent/Guardian and Student Contact Information: When a parent/guardian or eligible student registers with us, we collect: the student’s first and last name, email address, phone number, home or postal address and username for initial student account setup, grade-level, student-type, school district; parent or guardian full name, username for initial parent/guardian account creation tied to the student account, relationship to student, email, phone and contact preferences. We use this information to: respond to questions or assistance tickets when you contact us, facilitate communications between students, parents, educators and support staff to facilitate your student’s personalized learning, relay school communications and announcements, notify you of school sponsored events, activities and educational services, grants and scholarships opportunities that you may be interested in; features and updates to our learning environment platforms, applications or educational content.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

As a European privacy law approved by the European Commission in 2016, the GDPR regulates how individuals and organizations may obtain, use, store, and eliminate personal data of EU citizens. We are prepared to discuss questions related to the expanded individual rights under the GDPR:

RIGHT TO ERASURE. For Global School students, we are obligated to retain personal data contained in your education records in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). This includes student transcript information that must be maintained as a permanent record. For Global students that reside outside the United States or in the European Union (EU), please contact us if you have a specific question or concern about our data retention requirements if you believe it conflicts with your right to request erasure, under certain circumstances as defined by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

RIGHT TO CORRECT. You have the right to request correction or amendment to the content of your student education record on the grounds that it is inaccurate, misleading, or in violation of your privacy rights. Please contact us using one of the contact options below to request corrections or amendments, with a clear description of the record and why it should be changed. If FlexPoint decides not to amend your personal data, we will notify you of the decision and reasons, as well as your right to request a hearing regarding the request for amendment. Additional information regarding the hearing procedures will be provided to the parent/guardian or eligible student when notified of the right to a hearing. If the hearing results in a decision not to correct the requested record, you have the right to place a statement in the record commenting on the contested information and why you disagree with the decision.

RIGHT TO ACCESS. You have the right to access, inspect and review your personal data. For Global School parents/guardians and eligible students, your personal data is accessible from your account home and student records tab. If you have any problems or need assistance to access your records, please contact us for assistance.

RIGHT OF PORTABILITY. For FLVS students, we produce transcripts for students to send back to their school of record.

Read the entire Florida Virtual School privacy policy