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Elementary Elementary Art Grade K

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The visual art suite will provide students the foundational skills to be successful in a studio environment. Using the Elements of Art and Principles of Design as the framework, students will feel confident in creating their own style of art. Students will explore and safely use a variety of materials during the creative process. The courses explicitly teach art techniques through modeling and connecting them to master artists. During the creative process, students will apply art vocabulary and procedures, as well as time-management and collaborative skills. These courses offer rich text to support art history instruction, including information on artists and art movements over time. The visual art suite integrates standards from all of the core subject areas including math, social studies, science, health, and language arts. Connections are also made to music, dance, and physical education. This suite will develop students’ fine motor skills, critical thinking skills, creativity, and their appreciation for global communities.

  • Art safety, rules, and techniques
  • Art history in the form of meeting artist characters and learning from them.
  • Self-portraits
  • Collages
  • Landscapes 
  • Pottery
  • The Elements of Art: line, shape, color, value, space, texture, and form
  • Identifying the elements of art in the real world
  • Use the elements of art in personal studio projects
  • Recognizing the elements of art in professional artwork
  • Applying meaning, feelings, and emotions to artworks
  • Techniques to achieve the elements of art
  • Mixing colors with a variety of materials
  • Color theory
  • Two-dimensional shapes 
  • Three-dimensional shapes
  • Creating form with a variety of materials
  • Using different processes to create artwork 
  • Finding artwork in local communities