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High School Chinese III Honors

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In Chinese III, students continue their study of Chinese Mandarin, continuing to build their knowledge of vocabulary, sentence patterns, and grammar points in communicative contexts. Students enhance their Chinese Mandarin listening and speaking skills, such as pronunciation and intonation while also developing in-depth reading and writing strategies and skills. This course improves students’ reading abilities, and students can write in Chinese in various formats including journals, letters, invitations, and essays. The course also improves students’ knowledge and skills in writing simplified Chinese characters.In this course students continue learning about Chinese culture, including the origins, histories, anecdotes, and etiquettes for various cultural settings, events, and occasions. Students also learn to compare the Chinese culture with their own.

Segment One

Module 01 - Family and Friends

  • Chinese Family structure
  • Surname and Given Name
  • Dating Rituals
  • Different Ways We Communicate
  • Expressions of Love

Module 02 - Anatomy and Medicine

  • Body Movement and Chinese Medicine
  • Herbal Treatment
  • Homeopathic Remedies
  • Acupuncture
  • Diet Treatment
  • Description of Pain and Injury

Module 03 - Li Bai Poetry

  • Li Bai Poetry 
  • Poetry 
  • Chinese Folk Songs and Poetry Similarities 
  • Dui Zhang and Dui'ou Poems 

Module 04 - Education and Community

  • College Application Process 
  • College and Student Life 
  • School Subjects 
  • Chinese College Art Festival 
  • Parental Influence on Students 
  • Alternative to Higher Education 

Segment Two

Module 05 - Environment and Health

  • Pollution in China 
  • Current Affairs - Recycling 
  • Recycling in China 
  • Reforestation 
  • Protecting the Panda 
  • Environmental Club 
  • Environmental Art
  • Panda Natural Reserve 

Module 06 - Entertainment and Generations

  • Popular Activities from Different Points of View 
  • Formal and Informal Communication 
  • Past, Present, and Future Tense
  • Karaoke 
  • Western and Chinese Music 
  • Popular Western and Chinese Recreational Activities 
  • Western Influence on the Chinese Economy 
  • Western Business and the Impact on Chinese Employment 

Module 07 - Finding Work

  • Finding Employment in China 
  • Volunteerism in China 
  • Chinese Learning and Job Opportunities