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Elementary Elementary Language Arts Grade K

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Learn to read with Penelope the Pirate! In this course, students will go on a reading adventure where they’ll learn new letters and sounds and how to put them together to make words. Students will go on an alphabet safari, play games, read along with interactive storybooks, and even record themselves sounding out words, as they discover a whole new world through reading.

Segment One

Module 01 - Jumpstart to Kindergarten

  • Jumpstart to Kindergarten: I Go to School
  • Jumpstart to Kindergarten: What Makes a Good Reader
  • Jumpstart to Kindergarten: School Tools
  • Jumpstart to Kindergarten: Concepts of Print
  • Jumpstart to Kindergarten: Putting It All Together

Module 02 - Building Foundations

  • Building Foundations: Foundations of Reading
  • Building Foundations: Ready to Read
  • Building Foundations: Text Time
  • Building Foundations: Word Study
  • Building Foundations: Writing about a Topic

Module 03 - Making Connections

  • Making Connections: Foundations of Reading
  • Making Connections: Ready to Read
  • Making Connections: Text Time
  • Making Connections: Word Study
  • Making Connections: Narrative Writing

Module 04 - Sharing Solutions

  • Sharing Solutions: Foundations of Reading
  • Sharing Solutions: Ready to Read
  • Sharing Solutions: Text Time
  • Sharing Solutions: Word Study
  • Sharing Solutions: Opinion Writing

Module 05 - Explorations

  • Explorations: Foundations of Reading
  • Explorations: Ready to Read
  • Explorations: Text Time
  • Explorations: Word Study
  • Explorations: Expository Writing

Module 06 - Relationships

  • Relationships: Foundations of Reading
  • Relationships: Ready to Read
  • Relationships: Text Time
  • Relationships: Word Study
  • Relationships: Narrative Writing

Segment Two

Module 08 - Ambition

  • Ambition: Foundations of Reading
  • Ambition: Ready to Read
  • Ambition: Text Time
  • Ambition: Word Study
  • Ambition: Narrative Writing

Module 09 - Dedication

  • Dedication: Foundations of Reading
  • Dedication: Ready to Read
  • Dedication: Text Time
  • Dedication: Word Study
  • Dedication: Expository Writing

Module 10 - Adventures

  • Adventures: Foundations of Reading
  • Adventures: Ready to Read
  • Adventures: Text Time
  • Adventures: Word Study
  • Adventures: Opinion Writing

Module 11 - Explanations

  • Explanations: Foundations of Reading
  • Explanations: Ready to Read
  • Explanations: Text Time
  • Explanations: Word Study
  • Explanations: Expository Writing

Module 12 - Making Choices

  • Making Choices: Foundations of Reading
  • Making Choices: Ready to Read
  • Making Choices: Text Time
  • Making Choices: Word Study
  • Making Choices: Narrative Writing

Module 13 - Innovation

  • Innovation: Foundations of Reading
  • Innovation: Ready to Read
  • Innovation: Text Time
  • Innovation: Word Study
  • Innovation: Expository Writing